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Plastic Chick Boxes 

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These are some real 
nice Plastic Chick Boxes. 
They are dived in 2 sections
that will hold 50 chicks each. 
We have  350-400 of these boxes. 
They are quite sturdy. 
There are about 4 types of 
them at this time, but we 
only have two types pictured here. 
I need to make some more 
pictures of the others 
and post them also.

The Size of these boxes:

19 1/8 inch wide

27 inches long at the handles

26 long not at the handles

6 Tall


These are quite Heavy Duty Boxes. 
The weight just a bit over 5 pounds each. 
Right at 5 pounds.


Of course they could be used for chicken, 
but they would probably do for turkey too.. 
They are a little bit taller box.



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