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Marion, North Carolina  28752   USA
Ph. 828-738-4427

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JW Tray Frames
Jamesway Hatcher Pans
JW PT-100 Card and Parts
JW Blue Digital Display
Sigma Relay 91558
Sigma Relay 10,000
JW 36 Egg Plastic Tray
JW 42 Egg Plastic Flats
JW 48 Egg Plastic Flats
JW 84 Egg Plastic Flats
Jamesway Fans
JW Incubator Racks

Jamesway Parts 
and Components

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We have Thermometers, Fan Motors, Relays, 
Doors and many of the Used Jamesway parts.

We have many more part to ad to 
this list and just haven't got it 
done yet. But call now and ask.


Lawing Incubator Company

1164 Mud Cut Loop
Marion, North Carolina 28752 USA
Ph. 828-738-4427    Fax 828-738-4428


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