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Industrial Doors

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Here are some pictures of the doors. 
I'm not done with this page yet. 
I cant find the rest of 
the pictures right now, 
but I will come back to it soon. 
We have about 26 to 30 of 
these in Very Good Condition.

The actual doors are 7 Feet 10 inches tall. 
Then you ad the floor sweep gasket to it and
now the door is 7 feet and 11 inches tall. 
It does not have a gasket at the top. 
This door fits an 8 feet tall opening.

For the width: 
The door itself is 2 Feet 11inches wide. 
There is a 1 inch gasket on the opening 
side of the door to make it 3 feet wide. 
There is a gasket on the hinge side 
of the door also of about 2 inches to 
seal that side of the door from draft.

The doors are 1 7/8 inches thick.

Look around, these doors are used 
in places other than Hatcherys. 
They are in Grocery stores and 
where ever Heavy Duty Swinging 
Doors are needed.


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