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and Chick Conveyors

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Sexing Tables 
Vaccination Tables 

At this time we have several Chick-Go-Rounds 
and Conveyors. Here is a listing of some of 
the Items we have in stock at this moment. 
This list changes from time to time as we sell 
some and purchase some more of them. 
Call us with your needs on Chick-Go-Rounds 
and Conveyors. We may have just what you 
are looking for, at probably about 1/2 
the price of a new one. 

3 7 Ft. CGR Flat Top Vaccination 
Tables Stainless (Excellent Condition)


3 7 Ft. CGR Flat Top Debeaker 
Tables Stainless (Excellent Condition)


3 7 Ft. CGR Sexing Table 
Stainless Top (Excellent Condition)


1 4 1/2 Ft. CGR Vaccination Table


1 10 Ft. CGR Conveyor for CGRs


2 7 1/2 Ft. Conveyors for CGRs


2 11 Ft. Conveyors for CGRs


25 Debeakers some with Stainless Steel Case, 
some with motors and smoke blowers

We Rebuild the Chick-Go Rounds
We check out everything, replace anything 
and everything needed, Repaint them, 
and when you get it,
You may even think it is NEW.

Well, it will be just as good as a new one, 
at probably about 1/2 the Price of a new one.

As for the Chick-Go Rounds, we have 
several of them in stock. When an inquiry 
comes for one, we bring it into our SHOP 
and go completely through it. Checking and 
replacing anything that needs to be. Bearings, 
Motors, Rollers, Electrical, just what ever it takes. 

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