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Bursch 18,000 BTU Egg Room Cooler
Bursch 24,000 BTU Cooler

Burch Coolers

Egg Room Coolers

(4 Larger Ones)

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(1 Small One)

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Burch Industries

Maxton, North Carolina

The larger cooler Data Plate:

18,000 -27E    Code 5-T

SN 298520        F22

208-230 Volts  1 Phase   50-60 Cycle  

I am assuming that the 
larger units are 18,000 BTU. 
The Data Plate doesn't clearly say.  

The Egg Room Coolers 
are different from an 
Air Conditioner in as much 
as an Air Conditioner takes 
the moisture out of the 
air as it cools the area. 
That is why you see the 
dripping from the pan 
on the outside of the 
Air Conditioned area. 
Where as an Egg Room Cooler 
puts that moisture back into 
the air and it is circulated 
inside the cooled area, 
not drained off to the 
outside as a liquid. 
Thatís the basic difference.

I have run these units 
and most of them cool very well, 
but it would probably be a 
good idea to have a service 
person check the Freon level 
before putting them back 
into continuous service.


We have 5 of the 
larger coolers pictured
 above and only 
1 of the small ones. 
Click the Link on 
the left side of this 
page to see the smaller 
one and the Data on it.

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